Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mr.Drew Gonzales of Cebu. A newbie in Free-range but followed all the steps correctly!

Quoted from Drews' Email:
"good evening doc,this is drew from cebu. kumusta po?attached are my pics of my first brooder.please see the attached files.the pictures are taken last sunday, hindi pa po kasama ung sawdust as bedding sa pics the brooder are 2 - 2x2m pen for a 150doc first batch.so 1 pen will cater the half of the batch (75doc) having 2m feeder divided in six lengths, 2 - 40 watts bulb, and 4 galloners in each pen.if you have any comments and suggestions, please let me know.best regards,drew"
Your doing very well from what i see drew, keep it up! Please provide me more updates and pics!

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