Saturday, June 6, 2009

Additional pictures of the successful 4 day old grow out of "THE FARMERS' CHOICE CHICKS!"

The basics of brooding are very important foundations for a good harvest of broilers, be it, free-range or white chicken broiler production. The poultry house must be well covered and insulated against the winds and cold climate. Since the chicks cannot produce their own heat to keep them warm, wind drafts are one of the major points to always consider. As you can see the poultry house is fully wrapped with laminated sack from top to bottom.
Also, artificial heat is used with the charcoal cans. These cans are cheap to acquire and charcoal is always available.
Rice hulls or "IPA" are very important insulators and good absorptive capacity for water and droppings. best to use as beddings also.
One good way to asses that the the chicks are in good condition is the way they are spread around and eating or drinking comfortably.
Best to check the chicks on the coldest time which is after midnight to asses if they lack any heat.
If your chicks have problems of wet droppings and it rears have manure pasted on them, when you receive the chicks from your suppler, then you might have problems with chick quality and questionable health/sanitary condition.
Always inform your supplier regarding this.
It is the responsibility of your genetic supplier to provide clear, honest and productive information for you to be successful.
Not just to sell you chicks then leave you to survive by yourself.

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