Thursday, January 13, 2011

Local Certified F1 Pekin duckling production now starting!

After so many years of slow industry development of Pekin duck production in the Philippines, the opportunity to do pekin duck farming in the Philippines is now possible with the production of Certified F1 ducklings.
The main advantages of Certified F1:
1. Higher meat yield per duck. Harvest weight is 3.5-3.7 kilos
2. Best Meat Quality ; tender and internationally acceptable standards
3. Quicker turn around. Only 45 days to harvest. weighing 3.5 kilos average!
4. Efficient feed converter to meat.
5. Uniform in size translate to a higher number of productive ducks per harvest
6. Hardy and easy to grow.
7. Low Housing cost; higher profit

Contact us at 09178041101 or 09285059272
For FREE manuals email us at
For technical questions 09178951105 look for Dr. Erwin Cruz

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