Sunday, January 31, 2010

Results of the SM foundation project on Free-range chicken production in Nasugbu!

We also help you to help others!- Production results of the free-range project in Nasugbu Batangas that was started last November 13 2009: Out of the first 15 recipients of 40 heads each and first time growers only 27 heads or 4.5% mortality only or 95.5% Livability! This translates to a good live-ability result for first time farmer growers.
The farmer beneficiaries will be earning an average of 2,400 pesos net profit from this Livelihood project of SM foundation.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Part of Good Farming Practice (GFP) is a reliable Supplier of Superior F1 free range layers; Dominant CZ

Another important ingredient in Good Farming Practice (GFP) for Free-range chicken production is a very reliable source of Good Quality Genetic Supply specific for the production objective.(e.g. Meat type free-range chicks for meat production (Grimaud Freres / Hubbard and Layer type free-range chicks for free-range egg production)
DOMINANT CZ is the main supplier of Free-range TRUE LAYER types in Europe.
The TRUE layer chicks they supply are highly adapted to harsh Rural farming. And can even be productive under Tropical conditions.
They export to 14 countries including France,Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Middle East, Central Asia and now the Philippines!
It took us almost 3 years to have the accreditation of Dominant CZ approved by the Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture. We even had to make an ocular inspection in the breeding and hatchery centers in the Czech Republic together with the BAI inspector Dr. Zaldy Olivas.
One big investment but it is sure worth every single centavo.
One very good advocacy of Dominant CZ thru its Owner, Dr. Milan Tyller, Geneticist, is to prioritize, serve and teach small rural farmers the correct way of free-range layer production. This is the common stand of Superior F1 and Dominant CZ .

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Part of GOOD FARMING PRACTICE (GFP) is correct vaccination and Technical Management

Livestock production requires a good technology back-up to assure a more successful harvest. Yesterday, we just vaccinated the Superior F1 Free-range layers of a farmer in Central Luzon against Fowl pox and Infectious Coryza (common colds in chicken). The vaccination program is a pre-requisite to a more safe and secured free-range egg production. And it is a worthwhile investment for the health and productivity of the Free-range layers. For information regarding vaccination, you can contact me, as your technical specialist, and I can provide you free consultation.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Imported Superior F1 Layers at 45 days old from a farmer in Batangas

Very nice selection of imported Superior F1 layers from our farmer in Batangas. These were taken approximately at the age of 45 days. Healthy, Robust, Hardy and will soon produce 250 eggs per year! As the body conformation show that these are TRUE layer types.
They are light weight and at the age of 18 weeks will have an average weight of 1.5 kilos each!
The birds can subsist in a low protein ration of 17% and an Energy of only 2750 kcal/kg.
They are adaptable to variations in feeds as long as the feeds are clean and safe to eat.
They eat only 122 grams of feeds a day.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lechong Free-range by REINA HELENA farm!

Wow! they surely look delicious! Totoong Masarap ang Ni-lechon na Free-range chicken sa Bukid! You really enjoy the provincial ambiance and the Boodle lunch! "wala nito sa Maynila!"
The trip to REINA HELENA Farm of Dr. Danny Milla was a good therapy from the hectic schedules of urban life. Maraming Salamat po Doktor! You can contact Dr. Milla at 09392225545 for their products.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Superior layers 30 days old

The Free-range layers at 30 days old. The Dominant CZ line has proven to be very Robust and Hardy at 30 days of age. The flocks have been ranging since 21 days old and with minimal mortality so far. For a first time flock in Asia, the birds have proven to be very promising.
The behavior of the flock has been a revelation to our regular customers of free-range broiler producers. The management of the flocks has to be adjusted accordingly to these layer types.
But one thing is for sure, they are true blooded free-range chickens as seen on the video. Just click the video to see the segment.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Medical Doctor / Farmer who raises free-range chickens!

A Medical doctor Dr. Dick, and his trusty caretaker Oyet, who raise Superior F1 Free-range chicken in Central Luzon. This is his first grow and so far out of the 300 heads plus 6 heads allowance, only 3 mortalities from day 1 to day 49 days!
No Antibiotics no preservatives, just herbal supplements.
The middle picture shown are the chicks at the age of 21 days, while, the bottom pic at the age of 47 days old.
The system is simple, low cost and easy to replicate.
My advice to our first time/newbie farmers of free-range, you start on small volumes and develop your market as you go along.
Please read the FREE manual to minimize errors along the way.
Try to learn and re-learn the system until you have a better grasp of the whole concept.
Lastly, ask the Specialist to guide you to a more successful grow.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Our Good Dealer in Tarlac City, BERMUDEZ VET AGRI STORE look for Mr. Rustie Bermudez
Contact number: 0917-9685086 or 0918-9210133

Sunday, January 3, 2010

One our successful Farmers in Nueva Ecija

One of our successful farmers from Nueva Ecija, Mr. Jess Mutuc, manages and markets his own production of Superior F1 free range chickens. He started with a small volume of 50 heads, now he is producing 200 heads.