Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Part of Good Farming Practice (GFP) is a reliable Supplier of Superior F1 free range layers; Dominant CZ

Another important ingredient in Good Farming Practice (GFP) for Free-range chicken production is a very reliable source of Good Quality Genetic Supply specific for the production objective.(e.g. Meat type free-range chicks for meat production (Grimaud Freres / Hubbard and Layer type free-range chicks for free-range egg production)
DOMINANT CZ is the main supplier of Free-range TRUE LAYER types in Europe.
The TRUE layer chicks they supply are highly adapted to harsh Rural farming. And can even be productive under Tropical conditions.
They export to 14 countries including France,Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Middle East, Central Asia and now the Philippines!
It took us almost 3 years to have the accreditation of Dominant CZ approved by the Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture. We even had to make an ocular inspection in the breeding and hatchery centers in the Czech Republic together with the BAI inspector Dr. Zaldy Olivas.
One big investment but it is sure worth every single centavo.
One very good advocacy of Dominant CZ thru its Owner, Dr. Milan Tyller, Geneticist, is to prioritize, serve and teach small rural farmers the correct way of free-range layer production. This is the common stand of Superior F1 and Dominant CZ .

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