Monday, September 6, 2010

Time Magazine cover on Organic Food

The September first week issue of Time magazine has a cover story entitled "The Real cost of ORGANIC food". The article dwelled on the Pros and Cons of Organic products that includes livestock production. I am not declaring that all free-range chicks that we provide the farmers mean that all of them will come out as Organic. This only means that the relevance of Organic production or natural free-range chicken raising and Nearest to Organic Free-range chicken raising is happening worldwide. One basic fact that makes this important is that Superior F1 free-range genetics is now supporting the concept of organic or Natural free-range farming. Chicken is one of the first livestocks that you can convert to the concept of Organic Chicken production. It will still be a long and winding road towards this goal but I see that it is quite attainable.

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