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PCARRD messageboard information on free-range chicken production Q & A portion

Since 2007, I have been contributing to the PCARRD Messageboard in assisting the farmers on technical information and education. Also the messageboard has been an opportunity for me to propagate the Free-range system to the Pinoy farmer. You can visit

Here are some portions of the Q & A portion asked by newbie poultry farmers;

Question by Halord26 = Halord26 wrote:


What breed of chicken is suitable for the free range chicken growing? You have mentioned that after 60days the chicken is expected to weigh around 1.0kg or more. Would this weigh would also be achievable even growing our native chicken?


Thank you for your question sir.

Just for clarification, it is very important that we understand the available types of free-range chickens.
There are 2 basic types namely:

1. The Free-range Broiler meat types - These birds are for meat production purpose. Which means they convert the feeds the eat to meat.

They grow at 1.7 to 1.8 kilos at 60 days, If well fed.

It is a wrong notion that the free-range chicken will grow with grasses alone. This will create a wrong impression to innocent farmers.

To Grow free-range chickens for meat, you need cereals like corn and vegetable protein like soya.

Please look at the picture below.

We have available free-range chicks for meat it is called SUPERIOR F1 free-range broiler chicks.

If you use these birds for egg production they will produce only around 140 eggs a year. They will eat more than produce eggs.

2. In contrast to Free-range layer types, The Superior F1 free-range layer types will produce more eggs than meat.

They produce 250 eggs a year and eats less than free-range broilers.

The bird's configuration or body conformation is elongated and with less meat.

At 90 days the birds are almost 1 kilo only. So you can harvest lesser meat but has more eggs produced.
Please see the picture below:

These SUPERIOR F1 Free-range Layer Chicks will be available by June 2010.

The breeders were imported from DOMINANT CZ The CZECH REPUBLIC, EUROPE

You are assured of the quality and good technical service from us.

Lastly we give you TRUE, HONEST and CERTIFIED chicks and we never mis-declare our products as Dual types or convertible types of chickens just to make a sale.

I hope that I have enlightened you regarding your inquiry.
Doc erwin

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