Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nice Photo of layer breeders at 58 days old....

I must say, that the top picture is very nice and artistic, good lighting, composition and framing.
But the surprising part of the picture is that my 6 year old daughter took the photo all by herself !
Just this morning, My youngest daughter tagged along with me to go to the breeder farm. I was very happy to have a good quality time with my Bunso. Especially when your kids are still young, you can still bring them along and they are just as happy to go with you. After taking my set of photos, she asked me if she can take pictures of the chickens, well without hesitation, (thank God for digital cameras, no need to buy expensive films) I told her to enjoy taking pictures of the Breeders. And I got surprised to see what pictures she took, they're better than mine!
Do you agree?

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