Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!

Another year have passed and it has been a very productive one indeed!
Modesty aside, but I can say that we have done a significant contribution to the small industry of Free-range Chicken production.
We have serve thousands of Good quality chicks to small farmers and semi-commercial patrons!
Our customer base is expanding and repeat orders are significant
We have shared our knowledge for free to our clients (Professional technical back-up).
We have given Free our Manuals to those interested with our project.
We will keep on improving the base knowledge of farmers.
This is our solid commitment to our saying,"An Educated Farmer is a Successful Farmer!".
And last but not the least, we have charted a new course in free-range chicken production,
that is, providing farmers a very good genetic F1 of TRUE and CERTIFIED layers that can produce 250 to 280 eggs per year.
This is through the introduction of Dominant CZ, our Free-range layer supplier from Czech Republic.
Indeed it was a very productive year and hopefully we have contributed our small part to the development of the Philippines Livestock industry.

We hope to replicate it again in 2010!

Our sincere thanks to all our Loyal Customers!


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