Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our ADs in Agriculture magazine September Issue

Since 2007, we have been serving the small farmers nationwide with Good Quality Free Range F1 from Grimaud France. We help the farmers gain access to good quality genetic produce to assure them of a more successful production. We also help farmers gain the correct skills and knowledge to achieve good quality results. (we provide a free manual, just email us at

A Certified product is an important foundation to attain the maximum production target.

We are happy to inform you that we will have 2 new products coming in by next year!

A Certified Free Range layer adapted to rural farming and organic egg production. These brown egg Free Range Layers are capable of producing 260-280 eggs / year. They are very robust and hardy, able to survive harsh environment and low level feeds. These are from The Dominant CZ, Czech Republic.

The small farmers will greatly benefit on these on two points namely; Food on the Table and Small commercial "sustainable" production of free range eggs.

Certified Peking Duck F1 ducklings for meat production. Capable of gaining 3.1 kilos at only 42 days! These are for high quality peking duck meat production from GRIMAUD Freres, FRANCE.

With these 3 products, we are providing small farmers/ newbies/retirees/ OFW's an opportunity to earn in small poultry livestock production.

FARMERS' CHOICE and SUPERIOR F1 Free-range Genetics, together, will provide products based on the truth, trust and Integrity!

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