Thursday, April 16, 2009

Engr.Luis Guanio's Free-range chickens! Technology tips

Eng. Luis Guanio enjoys growing free-range chickens since last year. He has been a loyal customer of Farmers Choice and has experienced the big difference in terms of the quality of our day-old chicks. He placed his production on his 5 hectare Mango plantation lot in Rizal as an "in between crops" livestock activity. Being an engineer, he showed me how to create a low cost, movable, ranging pen for a 100 head capacity. The technology, he said, is simple and adaptable for multiple ranging conditions. It is also movable, and in just a matter of 30 minutes you can relocate the whole system to a different ranging area! This system is very good at reducing what I call "pasture fatigue" or over grazing that can be a source of build-up of micro-organisms in the pasture which can eventually lead to poultry diseases. Plus it also prevents predators from exploiting your flock at night time.
Another preventive management system for a better Free-range poultry quality for our loyal consumers!

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